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Rosdahl’s Textbook of Basic Nursing 12th Edition Caroline Rosdahl, ISBN-13: 978-1975171339



Rosdahl’s Textbook of Basic Nursing 12th Edition by Caroline Rosdahl, ISBN-13: 978-1975171339

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  • Publisher: ‎ LWW; Twelfth, North American edition (November 24, 2021)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 2024 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 1975171330
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1975171339

Trusted for more than 50 years to prepare LPN/LVN students for safe, effective practice, Rosdahl’s Textbook of Basic Nursing, 12th Edition, has been thoroughly updated to reflect current medical and nursing practices and deliver the foundational understanding and skills for success on the NCLEX-PN® and beyond.

Based on the latest NCLEX-PN framework, this engaging, comprehensive text features short chapters that make content accessible and easy to digest, dynamic photos and illustrations that reinforce essential concepts, and an expansive suite of practice-oriented, mastery-focused learning tools — both in the text and online — that strengthen students’ exam preparation and ensure a confident transition to clinical practice. Additional hands-on practice available in a companion Workbook completes the perfect learning package to meet the needs of today’s LPN/LVN students.

Table of Contents:

PART A UNIT 1 The Nature of Nursing Chapter 1 The Origins of Nursing Chapter 2 Beginning Your Nursing Career Chapter 3 The Healthcare Delivery System Chapter 4 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing UNIT 2 Personal and Environmental Health Chapter 5 Basic Human Needs Chapter 6 Health and Wellness Chapter 7 Community Health Chapter 8 Transcultural Healthcare UNIT 3 Development Throughout the Life CycleChapter 9 The FamilyChapter 10 Infancy and Childhood Chapter 11 Adolescence Chapter 12 Early and Middle AdulthoodChapter 13 Older Adulthood and AgingChapter 14 The End of Life: Death, Dying, Grief, and LossUNIT 4 Structure and FunctionChapter 15 Organization of the Human BodyChapter 16 The Integumentary SystemChapter 17 Fluid and Electrolyte BalanceChapter 18 The Musculoskeletal SystemChapter 19 The Nervous SystemChapter 20 The Endocrine SystemChapter 21 The Sensory SystemChapter 22 The Cardiovascular SystemChapter 23 The Hematologic and Lymphatic SystemsChapter 24 The Immune SystemChapter 25 The Respiratory SystemChapter 26 The Digestive SystemChapter 27 The Urinary SystemChapter 28 The Male Reproductive System Chapter 29 The Female Reproductive SystemUNIT 5 Nutrition and Diet TherapyChapter 30 Basic NutritionChapter 31 Transcultural and Social Aspects of Nutrition Chapter 32 Diet Therapy and Special Diets PART BUNIT 6 The Nursing ProcessChapter 33 Introduction to the Nursing ProcessChapter 34 Nursing AssessmentChapter 35 Nursing Diagnosis and PlanningChapter 36 Implementing and Evaluating CareChapter 37 Documenting and Reporting UNIT 7 Safety in the Healthcare FacilityChapter 38 The Healthcare Facility EnvironmentChapter 39 Emergency PreparednessChapter 40 Introduction to MicrobiologyChapter 41 Medical AsepsisChapter 42 Infection ControlChapter 43 Emergency Care and First AidUNIT 8 Client CareChapter 44 Therapeutic Communication SkillsChapter 45 Admission, Transfer, and DischargeChapter 46 Vital SignsChapter 47 Data Collection in Client CareChapter 48 Moving and Positioning ClientsChapter 49 Beds and Bed MakingChapter 50 Personal HygieneChapter 51 EliminationChapter 52 Specimen CollectionChapter 53 Bandages and BindersChapter 54 Heat and Cold ApplicationsChapter 55 Pain ManagementChapter 56 Preoperative and Postoperative CareChapter 57 Surgical AsepsisChapter 58 Special Skin and Wound CareChapter 59 End-of-Life CareUNIT 9 Pharmacology and Administration of MedicationsChapter 60 Review of MathematicsChapter 61 Introduction to PharmacologyChapter 62 Classification of MedicationsChapter 63 Administration of Noninjectable MedicationsChapter 64 Administration of Injectable MedicationsPART CUNIT 10 Maternal and Newborn NursingChapter 65 Normal PregnancyChapter 66 Normal Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum CareChapter 67 Care of the Normal NewbornChapter 68 High-Risk Pregnancy and ChildbirthChapter 69 The High-Risk NewbornChapter 70 Sexuality, Fertility, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases UNIT 11 Pediatric NursingChapter 71 Fundamentals of Pediatric NursingChapter 72 Care of the Infant, Toddler, or PreschoolerChapter 73 Care of the School-Age Child or AdolescentChapter 74 The Child or Adolescent With Special Needs UNIT 12 Adult Care NursingChapter 75 Skin DisordersChapter 76 Disorders in Fluid and Electrolyte BalanceChapter 77 Musculoskeletal DisordersChapter 78 Nervous System DisordersChapter 79 Endocrine DisordersChapter 80 Sensory System DisordersChapter 81 Cardiovascular DisordersChapter 82 Blood and Lymph Disorders Chapter 83 CancerChapter 84 Allergic, Immune, and Autoimmune DisordersChapter 85 HIV and AIDS Chapter 86 Respiratory DisordersChapter 87 Oxygen Therapy and Respiratory CareChapter 88 Digestive DisordersChapter 89 Urinary DisordersChapter 90 Male Reproductive DisordersChapter 91 Female Reproductive Disorders UNIT 13 Gerontologic Nursing Chapter 92 Gerontology: The Aging AdultChapter 93 Cognitive Impairment in the Aging Adult UNIT 14 Mental Health NursingChapter 94 Psychiatric NursingChapter 95 Substance Use Disorders UNIT 15 Nursing in a Variety of SettingsChapter 96 Extended CareChapter 97 Rehabilitation NursingChapter 98 Home Care NursingChapter 99 Ambulatory NursingChapter 100 Hospice Nursing PART DUNIT 16 The Transition to Practicing NurseChapter 101 From Student to Graduate NurseChapter 102 Career Opportunities and Job-Seeking SkillsChapter 103 Advancement and Leadership in NursingBibliographyGlossaryIndex Appendix A: Key English-to-Spanish Healthcare PhrasesAppendix B: Key Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in HealthcareAppendix C: Medical Terminology: Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes Commonly Used in Medical Terms

Caroline Bunker Rosdahl, RN-BC, ALA, BSN, PHN, MA, is an acclaimed healthcare leader, practicing nurse, educator, administrator, innovator, and major contributor to the nursing profession.

During her long career and in her various roles as a hospital nurse, a public health nurse, an educator, a school nurse, and a mental health unit nurse, she has seen it all and witnessed dramatic changes in her profession.

A modern-day Florence Nightingale, Rosdahl is a leader in nursing education and the author of the classic perennial bestselling TEXTBOOK OF BASIC NURSING, now in its 11th edition.

This influential and widely used educational book has been used to train nurses worldwide for over 50 years, spanning from mid 20th century medicine to the 21st century modern healthcare environment that requires a new set of skills and offers many new avenues of career opportunities.

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