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Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments Jorge G.Ibanez, ISBN-13: 978-0387494920



Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments by Jorge G.Ibanez, ISBN-13: 978-0387494920

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  • Publisher: ‎ Springer; 2008th edition (November 19, 2007)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • 250 pages
  • ISBN-10: ‎ 0387494928
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0387494920

This book presents chemical analyses of the most pressing waste, pollution, and resource problems for the undergraduate or graduate student. Its distinctive holistic approach provides a solid introduction to theory as well as a practical laboratory manual detailing beginning and advanced experimental applications. It presents laboratory procedures at microscale conditions, for minimum waste and maximum economy.

Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals, by Jorge Ibanez et al., is an exceptionally useful and well organized book. After reviewing basic chemical concepts, Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals quickly progresses to more advanced and contemporary applications including ozone depletion, physiochemical and biological treatment of pollutants, and green chemistry.

The chemistry of processes of the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere are covered in detail and the effects of pollutants on each of these chemical processes are extensively considered, as are their effects on the biosphere.

The book also has an experimental companion, Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments, which includes an array of environmental chemistry experiments that can be readily performed at the microscale level. Ideas for additional open-ended projects are provided for all experiments, and they impart a thorough introduction to environmental experimentation.

I strongly recommend Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals and its experimental accompaniment, Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments.

Dr. Zvi Szafran
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Chemistry
Southern Polytechnic State University

Our Earth is a remarkable reaction vessel. It is of paramount importance that students grow in their understanding and awareness of the astounding effects that chemistry and biochemistry have on our environment…and why they are so significant to our present and future hopes as a civilization.

Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments, intended to complement lessons in the companion textbook Environmental Chemistry: Fundamentals, covers the chemical and biochemical processes that take place in air, water, soil, and living systems. The corresponding experiments range from the characterization of aqueous media to pollutant-treatment schemes. For increased safety, as well as for reduced costs, wastes, and environmental damage, the experiments are presented at the microscale level. Pre- and post-laboratory exercises and open-ended projects accompany each experiment, to develop problem-solving skills and initiative among students.

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